Southern-born performer Jimi Jamison – onetime frontman for Cobra, as well as Survivor – was an accomplished singer, songwriter and musician, and friend to Jim Peterik for many years. Jimi’s back-up vocals also enhanced songs by Joe Walsh, ZZ Top and many other bands. His versatile talent lent itself to a range of genres over the years, as he expressed himself through rock, pop and even country arrangements. His untimely death in the fall of 2014 was a staggering blow to all who knew and worked with him. Peterik was moved to compose Heaven Passes The Torch as a tribute to former Survivor back-up singer Dennis “Fergie” Frederiksen, who passed only months earlier, and to Jimi, whose spirits still reverberate in the hearts of those they left behind…







From his humble beginnings as a roadie for iconic acts like Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Led Zeppelin, to his current status as “the most sampled guitarist in the world”, Joe “Jammer” Wright has left his mark on the music scene. In addition to playing with Supertramp and Nobody’s Business, Joe has appeared onstage, behind the scenes and in the studio with a constellation of the world’s most influential rock stars, including Ringo Starr, Mick Jagger, Jerry Lee Lewis, Joe Cocker and Donna Summer. Contributing his artistry to over 150 albums, with total sales exceeding 10 million units, this imposing Celtic presence is a force of nature, touring the world and leaving an indelible impression on everyone he meets…





Chicago native Mike Arturi lives for the joy of expressing himself through music. A prolific sessions and stage drummer, Mike was   hired to tour with Dick Clark’s Rock and Roll Revival Show and had the opportunity to work with an amazing spectrum of acts, including Chuck Berry, Head East, The Boxtops, Bo Diddley, The Drifters, Del Shannon, Ronnie Spector, Badfinger, The Marvelettes,  The Coasters, Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows, Freddy Cannon and Gary Lewis and the Playboys. He is currently the drummer for  The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducted group, The Lovin’  Spoonful. To pass on his love of music to upcoming musicians, Mike acts as Founder and Executive Director of The Universal Music Center in Red Wing, Minnesota. Learn more about Mike’s inspirational facility at: www.universalmusiccenter.com.






This Scottish singer, guitarist and drummer grew up listening to  American R&B, Soul and Motown. Moved by their smooth delivery of emotional truth, he worshipped artists like Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Curtis Mayfield, Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. As lead singer for Santana, Alex was instrumental in creating 4 Gold Records and 6 Top 40 hits. Through the years, he has lent his talent to The Senate, David Sancious, The Jeff Beck Group, The Scorpions, The Dixie Dregs, Average White Band, Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express, World Classic Rockers and El Chicano.