Marc Scherer – the most famous celebrity you never heard of – has been hiding in plain sight for years, just under the radar…

 As frontman for the psychedelic rock group, Lovecraft, Scherer toured Europe and America, opening for legendary acts like Jefferson Starship and Pink Floyd. When Lovecraft disbanded, Marc focused his creative impulses on designing exquisite jewelry. Interning under the guiding hand of a sculptor and master jeweler, he developed an eye for form and a passion for uncompromising execution. After opening a jewelry store of his own, Marc began to tap into some of the celebrity contacts that he had made during his stint as a rock star, creating one-of-a-kind pieces for Hollywood’s elite, sports figures and other well-heeled clientele.

 Eventually, the world took notice of his talent and Marc was invited to participate in a prestigious competition allowing the best designers in the world to create masterworks using priceless, archived gems and jewels from the collection of The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Several of Marc’s designs were featured in an exposition at the museum’s Grainger Hall of Gems and are now on permanent exhibit there.

 But the ember ignited by his early love of music never died and when the economy began to impact his business, he found himself gravitating back to the recording studio. One day, while laying down tracks for a project, the hand of fate stepped in to change Marc’s life. That hand belonged to Grammy Award-winning songwriter, producer and founding member of Survivor, Jim Peterik, who owned the recording studio where Scherer was working. When he stuck his head inside the door, the maestro heard an incredible voice emanating from the booth: a 5-octave tenor of such startling clarity and power, Peterik was stopped in his tracks. Known for mentoring upcoming talent, Jim decided that he had to find a way to work with this remarkable singer.

 Marc was invited to record demo vocals for songs that were being pitched to the Frontiers label for Jim’s group, Pride of Lions. The label liked what they heard and soon, Peterik began writing songs to showcase Scherer’s gift. One song originally intended for inclusion on the Pride of Lions album, Immortal, called Change Everything, instead became Marc’s debut single, released as part of a melodic rock compilation titled MRCD9: 15 Years Later. It is available at

 Peterik had started writing and producing Marc’s debut album, Risk Everything, when the Newtown massacre rocked our consciousness. The musicians took time out to compose a tribute to the innocent victims, called Newtown (You’re Not Alone). That song and its accompanying video can be accessed at All proceeds go to help the people of Newtown through The United Way.

 They paused again to mourn the untimely passing of Toto’s “Fergie” Frederiksen and, months later, Jimi Jamison of Survivor. Jim was staggered by the loss of these dear friends and responded in typical fashion, through song. The deeply personal You’re In Our Hearts, featuring Scherer’s heart-rending voice and numerous guest musicians, offers a moving remembrance of Fergie, while the reverent transcendence of Heaven Passes The Torch celebrates the life and contributions of Jamison.

 The long journey that led to the full realization of Risk Everything is finally at an end, with the album  slated for European release on April 17th, followed by its North American debut on April 21st

 Considering the scope of Marc Scherer’s talent, one thing is clear: this jeweler with a golden voice is destined for a dazzling future…